How it Works

The Producers Card was designed to give a little something back to those Producer/Engineers that have trusted AKA Music and brought their clients and work to A Sharp Recording Studio in Sydney, Ginger Studios in Melbourne and MatthewGrayMastering in Brisbane.

The Producers Card is your personal access to a variety of reward benefits such as preferential rates and points that can earned for each hour spent in the studio and used against the cost of audio services with our partners.

In the near future we’ll be adding other facilities, services and the possibility to use points to purchase equipment, that will help Producers, their clients, and ultimately the final result.

We’re also working on other cool ideas such as discounts on audio hardware, software, magazine subscriptions and other professional services. We also keep an immediate contact list if there’s a last minute cancellation and an opportunity to access studio time at an even better discounted rate!

Basically, we’ll keep you informed as and when we introduce new ideas or news.

For now your card attracts the following benefits during 2017.

A Sharp Recording Studios

  • Unlimited evening session – 5-hour evening sessions from 8pm till 1am at a reduced price of $200 any day of the week and as many as you want subject to availability. (+ GST)
  • 3 Weekdays throughout the year at A Sharp Recording Studio with a reduced price of $400 for a 10 hour day from 10am till 8pm. (+ GST)
  • Producers Points – 1point issued for each hour invoiced. A point is equal to a virtual cash amount of AU$ 1.50


Ginger Recording Studios – Melbourne

  • Producers Points – 1point issued for each hour invoiced. A point is equal to a virtual cash amount of AU$ 1.50


Matthew Gray Mastering – Brisbane

  • Producers Points – 1point issued for each song mastered
  • Master 10 songs for a single release, get 2 alternative masters free

The Producers Points…

Every time you (or the client you’re working for) uses A Sharp Studios, you’ll earn a Producers point for each hour charged. To keep things simple a point is worth $1.50, so at the end of a 10 hour session this represents $15 dollars worth of credit.

The more you use our studios the more points and credit you have, that can be used to reduce the cost of future studio time for your own project or to help with the budget of a client when you negotiate the price of studio time for them.

We’re also talking to other studios so that in the near future this credit can be used at other studios elsewhere in Australia.

If you’d like to understand more about how The Producers Card works then just give us a call.

Finally, we understand that it’s important to listen so if you’ve any ideas or comments about The Producers Card, AKA Music or A Sharp then please contact us.

Very best

Richard Lake