About AKA Music

AKA Music is a multifaceted music company that owns and operates a number of world-class recording studios and audio-related companies in Australia and overseas.

The aim of AKA Music is to provide professional services and facilities that audio professionals can trust, remaining cost-effective for today’s varying budgets and providing tremendous value for its customers. Owned by industry professionals that are passionate and understand our industry from an international perspective, AKA Music listens and works closely with its community to continually improve and develop facilities and services.

A Sharp Recording Studio

First opened in October 1978, A Sharp Recording Studios is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney. Totally refurbished in 2014. A Sharp is being recognised by many musicians and freelance audio engineers as their studio of preference. A Sharp today represents acoustics you can trust, the highest level of industry standard equipment and efficiency.

Kiln Studios

Located in Sydney’s creative Inner West, Kiln Recording Studios was built with care and attention to detail to provide Freelance Audio Producers and Engineers with an audio production facility of the absolute highest level in terms of modern studio workflow, accurate monitoring and excellent acoustics.

Kiln Studios is also an official ADAM Audio Pro-Audio Dealer and Authorized Listening Center, allowing those interested in listening to the range of these beautifully crafted and accurate monitors, to do so within a control acoustic environment by appointment. 

AKA Acoustics

AKA Acoustics is an independently-operated consulting firm with over ten years’ experience designing and building world-class recording studios and performance spaces. As industry professionals, the AKAA team fully understand the complexities and intricacies of designing production environments; providing an extremely-versatile toolbox of modern design services to help people build impressive, beautiful and highly-performant spaces of any scope.


AKA Pro Audio Pty Ltd

AKA Pro Audio is a professional audio solutions company, based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2020, our primary goal is to bring “service to sales” for the professional markets in Australia, embracing studio, post-production, location sound, broadcast, theatre, live production, corporate & installation applications with brands such as DPA Microphones, PMC Loudspeakers, Merging Technologies Audeze Headphones.

AKA Studios LLC

AKA Studios LLC was incorporated in June 2020 as a foreign investment company, centrally-located in the  Navoi Region of Uzbekistan. With international distribution rights for Ashton Guitars and Beale Instruments, AKA Studios provides classical instruments and pro-audio equipment to dealers in Uzbekistan, and are further expanding operations to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. 


AKA Music Pty Ltd
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